Third edition of the Cosplay Convention in Galacticat Fantastic Film Festival



Cosplay is a competitive discipline in which the participants dress up to represent a character or a concept. The favourite sources of inspiration are comics, cinema, manga, anime and videogames. Participants in these kinds of events are called Cosplayers.
What does GalactiCON consist in?
In a contest of Cosplay, participants face each other, individually or in groups, in front of the critical gaze of an expert jury; This year the Leit-motive of GALACTICAT is ALIEN, THE EIGHT PASSENGER, the science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott, and in a specific way, the FEMININE POWER OF THE PROTAGONISTS IN THE SCI-FI FILMS.
The dynamic of the contest consists of a walkway in which the participants parade on a stage to show off their work. The jury, composed by guest cosplayers and/or winners from previous editions, will evaluate the work during the same day. Winners will be announced at the end of the walkway and after an appropriate time for the jury valoration.
• The contest will take place on Sunday 9th of June at 16:00h at the Ateneu of Tàrrega.
• The cosplayers must be in the site at 13:00h for a first jury evaluation.
• Registrations are Online. To participate in the third edition, please fill in the following REGISTRATION FORM
• Registrations are limited to 40 participants. Once the inscriptions have been completed, the following registered will enter into reservation in order of registration.
• The contest confirmation will be sent by e-mail as soon as possible after registration.
• The last day of the registration period is 3 June 2019.
• If you participate in the cosplay contest you have free entry to the Galacticat throughout the weekend. From Friday to Sunday.
• Participants, if they wish, have accommodation available from Friday 7 June (from 20:00h) to Sunday 9 June (until 20:00h) in the hostel of Tàrrega. Places are limited. In order to book the accommodation, completely FREE, you must do so from the same registration page. Each cosplayer can bring a helper that will also have the free hosting. The accommodation has showers and large bathrooms; A month has a small kitchen with microwave, fridge, a sink and a small vitro, although we advise you not to cook and enjoy the delicious restaurants of Tàrrega!
• Cosplay can be of any theme, video game, comic, manga, Fan arts, genderbenders, etc…, provided you bring a reference photo. This can be taught with your cell phone, and if you have more than one better (you can print it out but the planet will thank you for not doing it)
• You can participate a cosplayer with the cosplay who has made another person but they have to attend both the contest and in case they win, they win as a group.
• Revision will last a maximum of 3 min.
• If cosplay has been performed by another person, in whole or in part, the jury must know it before or during the review. You will be allowed to take the stage with a cosplay bought, but the participant won’t choose to award.
• The photos taken by the organization of the event are available to the Galacticat to publicise the event through the website and the XXSS.
• After the contest the jury will be available to the participants to offer advice, but the organization will not accept any complaints about the decision of the same. It will not be tolersed under any circumstances any aggressive attitudes or messages that are not in respect of any member of the organization in a concrete way or any race, collective, gender or ideal in a generic way. Any participant missing this behavior rule will be immediately expelled from the contest and accommodation.
• The cosplayers participating in the contest will have the free accommodation and free admission to all the Festival activities, screenings included, the assistants will have the free accommodation and a discount of 50% on all the activities of the Festival. If you wish to enjoy this offer, please let us know in advance so that you can prove it properly.
Criteria to evaluate:
• The cosplay is made at least 80% by the participant cosplayer.
• The final visual result.
• The similarity of the chosen character.
• The diversity of material used will be valued, as long as they are positive for the final work.
• The quality of the garment finishes, that is, if you take or not, if you have a hanging thread, if you have finished sewn to the smallest detail.
• Quality of the finishes of armor, that is to say, that the finishes are smooth, that do not note the pores of the material, that do not see bits of hurting glue…
• Paint, paint not very flat, have details, do not miss unpainted chunks…
• This contest assesses the creative capacity of the participants and their ability to manufacture a facility, NOT THEIR PHYSICAL, so that the physical appearance of the Cosplayers will not in any way determine the final result of the contest.
1) The first prize will be €100 + a photo session valued in €100 with the photographer S. Phoenix, chosen only by the jury.
2) Second prize consists of €75 + €20 discount at the store of confections, fabrics and haberdashery Juanita.
3) The third prize will be a print of each of the guest cosplayers.
4) Science Fiction Award: 100 € + a photo session valued at €100 with Murk Studios. This is a special prize dedicated to Galacticat, which consists of being the best cosplayer dedicated to characterizing in a movie character or sci-fi series. It does not serve a series or an animated film.
In addition… And there will be three special mentions, one for each member of the jury. And the prize is a print of the same jury.

Our first jury member is:



BLAMISHS is a girl from Galicia who starts in Cosplay in 2017 winter.

Since she discovered this artistic discipline, she fell in love and cannot stop.

Now, after all this years, she become an expert in the creation of armours that are really worthy of admiration and fascinates all audiences.

Our second jury member is:



“Since I was a lil girl I’ve allways wanted to dress up as my favourite characters , but it wasn’t until 2012 september, in the Timetalks of Tom Hiddleston, where a girls show me Coslpay Concept and encouraged me to make my very first Loki Costume for my very first Salón del Manga in Barcelona.

This Loki cosplay motivates me to make much more Cosplays.

I lived in a little town where all those things were not so much accepted, but I am very proud to had been the pioneer in promoving that there and show everybody to feel not shame and leaving appart all the prejudices to really become what you truly want to be.

To meet people who loved too my same passion, pushed me to go on and not surrender.

Our third jury is:



“I am Cosplayer & Cosmaker since five years ago. From Barcelona, I cosplay as a hobby in my spare time and I love to look after all the details in every design I work.”